Minutes of NHBUG Meeting – 04 October  2018

This Meeting was held at  Letchworth Community Hub, Station Rd. Meeting started at 14:15, chaired by Edna Fox

Approx. 10 members attended. Also attending were: Councillors Fiona Hill, Tony Hunter, Steve Jarvis, Jean Green (Royston), Vera Swallow (Royston).
 Apologies received from: Marilyn Kirkland, Guy Brigden Herts County Council), Councillors Michael Muir, Paul Marment

Matters Arising from last minutes.
All these matters arising to be updated to website shortly.
Buses using Tannery Drift Royston: Problem seems to have mostly abated for the time being.
NHBUG contacted the carpark operators for Trumpington Park and Ride, Cambridge but were told everyone (including contractors who do not make use of the rode service) have an equal right to park. Extra capacity is promised in future.
Guy Brigden sent update on matters from last meeting which will be posted on website.
Marilyn has secured usage of the Council offices for our
next two meetings, which will be in 2019. Dates as below.

Bus services
Several issues were discussed including:
As mentioned at last meeting, the yellow lines
in Icknield Way had improved congestion caused by parked cars. However signs that lack of enforcement mean the issue is starting to re-emerge.
The Intalink board at Letchworth rail station is finally fixed. It was noted that there is still no real-time timetable information in North Herts.
Due to parking by construction contractors at Addenbrokes Hospital the Trumington Park and Ride (which is in Cambidgeshire but used by many in Herts.) is full early in the morning meaning the park and ride service cannot be used. NHBUG will contact the responsible body. It was pointed out that the Maddingly parking was less busy so could be used as an alternative in some cases.
53 service: Bursland route- Drivers were refusing to stop by the petrol station or Icknield Walk. Will contact the Council to clarify. Several users confirmed that despite what Landmark say, drivers are not checking tickets and passes on this route. Most people just walk on and sit down. We were hoping scanning machines would solve this, but apparently they will not be mandatory until 2020 when the service is re-tendered.
Uno have made some ‘revisions’ i.e. cuts to the 635 Watford-Stevenage-Hitchin service with several evening buses withdrawn or terminating short. This possibly due to less funding from North Herts College. Uno changes can be viewed on
Hermitage bus stop has been without lights for quite a while now.
Luton to Stevenage 101 bus is late most mornings due to ‘airport traffic’.
Elderly people complain that school children are taking all the seats on buses from hospital in the afternoon.
The big developments of housing at
Pirton will cause considerable disruption to traffic and school bus journeys. Council are aware but lack details of arrangements as yet.
There were adverse comments on the train service which although improved is still poor and unreliable.

The 202 service is being retendered. Usage is low, especially recently, probably due to unreliability of trains. Because commuters tend to return at different times e.g. early afternoon or later evening, the service is too restricted to be attractive. It was suggested when retendering to – better align with Cambridge trains as well as London. And align better with the 90/91 service.
The 610 Luton – Cockfosters service now runs Saturday.
It has been noted that again there do not seem to be any children using the 90/91 service. Will check with Council for info.

Next Meetings.
Tuesday January 8
th  2019 and Tuesday April 16th 2019. Both at The Council Offices, Gernon Rd. Letchworth Garden City. At 14:00.    
                                            David Wakelin – Secretary: North Herts BUG