Points arising from our  meeting of October 4th 2018. For more details see the  minutes of this meeting, on the website under ‘Meetings’.

No lights on bus stop in Hermitage, Hitchin.

Agreed that 202 usage was down because of unreliability of train service. Because commuters tend to return at different times e.g. early afternoon or later evening, the service is too restricted to be attractive. It was suggested when retendering to – better align with Cambridge trains as well as London. And – align better with the 90/91 service?

It was reported drivers on the 53 bus (Bursland route) were refusing to stop by the petrol station nr. Icknield Walk. Can you clarify if they are correct or is that part hail and ride?

While on the subject of the 53 it was confirmed by several users that whatever Landmark may say, drivers are Not checking passes on the service. Most people just walk on and sit down. I use the bus regularly myself and have never seen anyone challenged.

Users of the 90/91 service report that once again there do not seem to be any children using the service?

Asked to be kept informed on what is happening re the changes due to the developments at Pirton.

These points were sent to Guy Brigden at Herts. CC who came back very quickly with the response below:

1. Lighting issue – I will copy in Dan Tancock who is responsible for HCC infrastructure – Dan, could you advise please?

2. 202 – noted. Timings were agreed with Ashwell PC who are in touch with users; the user group has more recently been given my contact details but hasn’t followed up. Extending the operating day would increase costs but we may look at an option to start and finish the a.m. peak operation later, more in line with the previous timetable

3. The Station – Tabor Court – Station short-workings are non-stop along Icknield Way because the lack of pavement adjacent to then road means there is nowhere suitable for people to stand to await a bus plus I seem to recall a lot of trees with branches very close to the road making it difficult for the bus to pull up to the kerb. If there is demand for this Dan would have to provide hard-standing if a suitable site could be found. (I take it the garage is the one nearly opposite the junction with Redhoods Way West)

4. Pass checking – noted and copied to Gary Skinner who is in charge of contract enforcement

5. I have checked and the 91 is still not carrying entitled children in any significant numbers. I also have to refer this to Gary Skinner as he is in charge of the allocation of children to routes as well as enforcement

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Updated October 2018